Chris Felix (also known as - nuaje -) is a producer/songwriter from Orlando, FL and is currently based in New York City. Felix blends punchy hip hop drums, eclectic sampling, and doses of traditional Haitian music around an alternative pop aesthetic. He is currently focused on working with artists across New York.

Felix began his career while still in college, recording fellow students at his music department’s studio. He studied music composition and orchestration under award winning producer Michael Zager. In 2014, Chris Felix won the American Songwriting Award in the Hip-Hop category before graduating and moving to New York the following year.

Drawing inspiration from his Haitian roots, Kanye West's grandiose production, and Björk's lush string arrangements, Chris Felix takes music into uncharted territory. His debut instrumental EP “Vodou Pop”, is filled with heavy tribal drums, house grooves, and interludes of Haitian history between tracks. Felix paints an original soundscape for his audience, immersing them into the spiritual world of the revolutionary island.

In May 2017, Chris Felix released his latest single “Fam”, a black/Haitian pride trap anthem. The next month following its release, the song was featured on Spotify’s Official Haitian Heat Playlist.